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All the noise and bustle of the large stone chamber faded into nothingness as Lorraine and her companions passed beneath the filigree-inlaid doorway. Several acolytes of the Earth Mother, busying themselves with their scrivening on nearby stone tables, exchanged knowing smiles at the dumbstruck expressions plastered on the faces of the newcomers. Everyone remembered their first time seeing the Glimmerveil

The object of the adventures' amazement dominated the Voyager's Chapel in the First Fane of the Earth Mother. An iridescent curtain of light, some thirty feet high, gently flowed and wafted in an unfelt breeze. Peering through its gossamer energies, the astounded onlookers could just make out the wood and metal yurts that made up Camrynton, baking in the light of an alien sun. Two blurred figures, presumably members of the Veilguard, stood nearby, awaiting Lorrain's party. She and her companions had waited for months to be given their letters of marque, and now, standing in the Chapel, sword at her side and pack on her back, staring at the amorphous, billowing doorway to her future, she felt a surge of anxiety. Fame and fortune lay beyond the Veil, to be sure, but also danger and the very real chance of never seeing Hemlheim—or this plane, for that matter—ever again. 

"It's time, Ms. Sunderspeare" came the gravely voice of one of the acolytes. Putting all doubts from her mind, Lorraine grinned and looked to her companions. "Well, lads" she said, hoping her flippant tone didn't seem too rehearsed, "who's ready to become heroes?"

Welcome to Through the Glimmerveil, a living world-style campaign for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Join us in a world of exploration and intrigue, as we follow the stories of brave bands of adventurers and their journeys through Athkalaam, a newly discovered plane on the far side of the cosmos. If you are new to the setting, and especially if you want to make a character to play in the world, please start by reading the page on Athkalaam. From there, the Main Page of the wiki has more information on the world. Athkalaam is largely undiscovered, however, and so if there's information missing from the wiki, you might just have to wait until an adventuring party discovers it—or you can take up sword or spell and get out there yourself! 

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